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Answers and Responses for Curious Readers

Question #1: Who are you?

Answer: On the ultimate level, I am the Self.

On the planetary scale, Province of the Mind is a co-operative endeavor, with the primary editors and generators Dara Fogel, Ph.D. and Richard Auer.

As life-long seekers, both Richard & I have amassed a great deal of information, observations and adaptations which we want to share with other seekers of wisdom, in the hopes that our humble offerings may be of service and help.

Question #2: What is this?

Answer: Reviews, research, musings, visions and riffs.Some of the writings are more formal, some more personal, depending on the subject and mood of the piece.

We are interested in a wide variety of things conscious, and these are our considered thoughts and observations.

Some of these articles are more formal than others. Formal research is always accompanied by a bibliography. We'll try not to bog the site down with too much formality.

Questions #3: Where did all this stuff come from?
(Where did you get all this $^@#!?)

Answer: One of the principles of our approach is to speak from our own experiences and first-hand knowledge as much as possible. But some of the topics require more of a reporting and interpretation approach, such as breakthroughs in brain research.

Some of the views discussed on this site may seem strange and unfamiliar to some, but they are mostly grounded in personal experience and/or scientific research. This is what we have learned & gleaned from our experiences of a combined 90+ years of seekings and findings.

We offer it in the hopes that it might be helpful, but not to try to convince anyone. This is the accumulated truths of our experiences. This is what worked/didn't work for us. You might be different, or, this might just be the missing link you've been looking for...

Question #4: Why are you doing this website?

Answer: Why not?

We have been fortunate to have had some amazing experiences and some great teachers. We want to share what we have learned with others who are currently seeking and researching how their beliefs create their realities.

We are also benefiting from this site by increasing personal congruency with our beliefs and creating our own reality. What about you?

Why are you reading this?

We are happy to answer other questions you might have
as this site grows!

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