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We are much more than we allow ourselves to be. It has been said that we are not as afraid of failure as we are of our own greatness. But isn't this what we are all longing for?

We all limit and restrict ourselves, without even realizing it. We sabotage, belittle ourselves and hide behind a false humility.

But it needn't be that way.

Explore information and reviews of leading teachers and techniques, as well as my own musings & insights, to help you connect to your
highest potential and inspiration.

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday. And our present thoughts create our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our minds."           ~ Buddha       

What is the True Nature of Reality? Who are we and what can we do to improve our lives and our capacities? What do the ancients and modern science researchers tell us about our
human potential and destiny?

Many of us saw the movie "The Secret," and, while it
opened up a lot of minds to new realms of possibility, many have
wondered about its seeming 'incompleteness' and lack of depth. Some are now discovering the strange paradoxes of Subjective Reality, Reality Creation and the Law of Attraction.

Teachers of personal growth and spiritual gurus abound, often
with conflicting approaches and advice. Many systems of
self-improvement sound appealing and potentially effective, but require
a huge dedication of time and resources to accomplish.

We know we were designed for a more fulfilling happy life than many
of us have been able to manifest so far, often due to low self-worth,
negative self-esteem or fear of failure. Or you might find you have
trouble achieving focus due to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), or
the demands of a fast-paced life in the Rat Race.

We feel the urge towards spiritual awakening, but don't know how to
integrate it into our "Real World" lives.

What's an intelligent and busy seeker to do?

This website helps you to wade through the jargon and different
perspectives to find which personal improvement approach works best


Each individual is a unique mixture of interpretations, choices and
experiences, and therefore has unique needs for personal growth and
transformation. There is no such thing as "One Size Fits All" when it
comes to personal/spiritual growth and development.

We each must find the right approach for our own personal improvement, but with so many to choose from, you can spend your whole life seeking personal growth, but not finding. Far too often, we settle for mediocrity, instead of living the flourishing lives we always dreamed of, because we don't know how to break through our inner barriers.

This website puts the main teachings and understandings of many self-help and spiritual teachers together in one place, so you can compare and make your own decisions which personal development approach works best for you. Often, no one single self-help system meets all of our needs, so we end up fizzling out after an enthusiastic start. We get bogged down in unimportant details and confusing rituals.

Use the resources on this website to tailor-make a system that works for you.

Drawing on ancient philosophy, multiple systems of personal and spiritual growth, current brain research and cognitive science, as well as personal experiences, this website provides resources you need to help actualize your highest potential, and wake up from the long dream.

This website includes explorations into several systems, including Subjective Reality, the Course in Miracles, Abraham-Hicks, Steve Pavlina, Seth, Advaita Vedanta, Epicureanism, Theosophy (Alice Baily, Ceremonial Magick), esoteric Christianity (gnosticism), and much more. Check out the free videos and articles, which can help you find the right path(s) for you.

Greater awareness and control over your life requires the acquisition of self-knowledge. Cognitive science studies suggest that most of us know ourselves far less well than we suppose we do. Current research also suggests that low levels of self-knowledge have many far-reaching impacts on our lives, particularly in the areas of relationships, money, career, and health. This website offers personal development resources and tools that you can use to improve performance in these areas through gaining greater self-knowledge.

Personal Development and the acquisition of self-knowledge is a
life-long commitment, but well worth the time and effort. It does not
happen quickly or all at once, but the benefits of living an Examined
Life include a greater connection to Truth, Love, Power, Courage and

Explore the Province of the Mind to help you

create the reality you want to live.

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"Waking Up on the Holodeck: trekking through the spiritual & ethical implications of quantum science"

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"In the Province of the Mind,

what is believed to be true either is true or tends to become true´╗┐

within certain limitations to be determined

experientially and experimentally.

Those limits are further beliefs to be transcended.

In the Province of the Mind, there are no limits."

~ John Lilly

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