After a 10 month hiatus, I'm finally back... and I have a few thoughts.

So... a lot's happened since I last posted.

Yet my last post on 2016 was strangely prescient... with a vengeance.  If you haven't read it, you can check it out here.

TLDR Version: Lot's of shit went down. Just now clearing out enough to post again.

TMI Version:  My mother died late this spring, after a protracted illness, during which I was her primary caretaker. Most of this year was spent nursing her, working too much, then dealing with her final arrangements and estate. I was left a lot of material possessions, including a house and several lifelong, even multi-generational, collections, as well as many lovely objects d'art created and accumulated by eccentric and creative family. In other words, a lot of sentimental clutter. 

All this has given me great pause to stop and consider the meaning and worth of it all...

Aside from the pedestrian metaphysical observation that we spend our lives lusting after and collecting things that will leave our descendants wondering "what the hell were they thinking?" I have had occasion to question most of the inherited settled assumptions within the Consensus Reality Tunnel, and most importantly, to question who is doing the questioning?

When I analyze the parts of life that seem to run smoothly in contract to those parts that don't, I observe a kind of stuck-on-flypaper-ness, as I recognize what a slave I have been and continue to be, to what I call the Storyline.  Others have called it the Matrix, or the Hero's Journey/Monomyth, etc.  It doesn't matter what you call it - we are all creatures with the larger ongoing saga.

I observe that life moves in cycles - some long, some short - and that we have collectively entered a new cycle where many long-establish cultural (and personal) norms are being questioned, if not challenged... if not outright protested... if not abruptly swept away in the midst of an astonishing sea-change...  as the pendulum swings hard to the right.

As someone who has always made my way in either the arts or in education, this seismic uncertainty has made life more difficult on the material level, but has also opened up grounds for new explorations conceptually and creatively.

The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal has unearthed a massive slimpit that has existed in the shadows.  But it's exposure is having unexpected repercussions.  In the past when sexual misconduct in high places was exposed, the perpetrator was usually slapped on the wrist, publicly shamed for 15 minutes, then released back into the wild to misbehave some more.  That doesn't seem to be happening this time.  Instead, everyone is coming out of the woodwork with their own tale of sexual abuse.  Looking forward to the exposure of the prevalence of pedophilia next!

But that is only one example of how different things are becoming...

In the environment, multiple record strength hurricanes, record wildfires, earthquakes, etc. indicate something has changed to destabilize the climate.  Some are pointing to man-made causes, some to larger space weather causes.  As is often the case, the truth is probably some of both, not either/or.

Politically, the new Trump administration is bringing in a whole new spin on government, delighting some and terrifying others.  Regardless of which political party you support, the old ways of doing politics and doing business has been forever altered.

We are told the economy is great, with the stock market hitting new record highs... yet just about everyone I know is broke.

It has become even more precarious to get trusted news and information, as the political agendas for mainstream news reveal hypocrisy, manipulation and deceit from previously trusted sources. 

The ante is raised when Neo-nazis openly chant anti-semitic phrases on Left Coast liberal college campuses, and gunmen rain death upon white bread country western music lovers in the heart of the Vegas Strip.

Once settle international alliances and treaties are now in question, as the nuclear cards are thrown in the air, in a round of atomic chicken.

Yes, the times they are a-changin'...

So these are all things that individuals are unable to change, on a day-to-day basis, given our limited impact on these huge cycles and Story Arcs.

I hope you weren't looking to me for solutions to these many issues.  I have no occult insight on how to save the planet.

But what I do have is a bit of a plan for how to maybe do my part to make things a bit better:

My thought is that if more people become aware of how these larger cycles and patterns work, affecting the whole spectrum from societies down to individuals, then we can perhaps begin to align ourselves with the energy flows.  This is helpful to navigate the rapid changes, as well as to weather the storms.

I intend to start making some videos and podcasts on some of my observations and thoughts. In doing this, I am hoping to raise awareness about the changing cycles and seasons of human consciousness.  Perhaps there is no direct way for me to influence the likes of Putin or Trump or Kim Jong-Il or Angela Merkle, but if enough people start to become aware of what is going on behind the surface-level drama, perhaps humanity has a future.  That's my hope, anyways.

So be on the lookout for more frequent blog posts, links to videos... and oh yes... I will also be launching a site soon for those who are interested in going deeper while supporting this new endeavor of mine. I hope to be offering online workshops and conference skypes for some of the upper-level patrons.  I will be posting more about all that once it becomes available.

So even if you aren't interested in or able to financial support my new projects, I do hope you will support me with the usual online currencies of Likes and Shares on social media, as those won't cost you anything, but might just help me save the world...

And even if the Like and Shares are more than you can bear, I thank you for at least entertaining the possibilities by reading this and future blogs, maybe checking out my videos once they are made & posted. Thank you for your willingness to become more aware of your own subjective reality, and how that hooks up to All That Is.

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