2016: The Year of Hell

Fuck Off 2016!! 

I cannot remember ever being this happy to see the end of a year.

This has been a year of many public losses:  David Bowie, Prince, and Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher (who took her mom, Debbie Reynolds, with her), as well as far too many others to list here.  Then there was the big political losses for the Democrats and Progressives (never should have played to the center - the world's in an extreme mood, and moderates aren't going to save any political careers anymore).  This was also the year that many Americans lost faith in the system: the Mainstream Media, the honesty of their elected officials, the security of the social safety net, etc...

It seems we are all working harder and longer and having less to show for it.  People are feeling angry/disappointed/frustrated/betrayed, hence the electing of Brexit and Trump.  But only time will tell if those political shifts will produce the effects desired by supporters. 

I, too, have been running around with my hair on fire, doing all the things and barely hanging on.  Everyone in my own little reality all reflect this same view of 2016.  So, if I was to analyze 2016 from a Holographic Universe perspective, I would say that we are definitely driving into the climax of the storyline here.  In other words, from a story structure point of view, I have to observe that the shit-storm ain't over yet. We're just winding up for the big crescendo here.  I would guess that for the current story we are enacting, we are at the Atonement With the Father or the Apostasis stage of the story.

What does that mean for those who are awakening to the awareness of their own subjective reality?

Several things, from my vantage point...

First, it means that we cannot take anything for granted anymore.  Everything, all definitions, all previously settled worldviews and assumptions, are all up for grabs.  I am not just discussing the political situation (not just in the USA, but around the world, alliances and rules are changing), but also on the level of the evolution of consciousness.  We see these changes everywhere around us - in personal relationships, in the economy, in the awareness of animals, in the weather, in the behavior of the sun and solar system.  EVERYTHING is subject to change.  We can no longer rely on our accustomed ways and expectations - of our personal relationships, our economy, our politics, our relationship to ourselves.

I do not intend to write some vapid, feels-good New Year exhortation to try harder, de-clutter and focus.  The interwebs are awash with plenty of those.

I hate New Year's Resolutions.

Rather, I wish to suggest that we look within for why the world around us is manifesting in the crazed manner it is, and to be willing to give up our naive expectations that we can continue to avoid ourselves.

So here's to a glorious 2017! 
May we learn to harness these changes and surf the rising time with love and beauty!

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