In A World Gone Crazy...

What's a "Woke" person to do?

If you pay attention to the news these days, it seems that every time you look, there's been another mass shooting or another global bully rattling their World War III saber or another political corruption scheme revealed or another economic hit landing squarely on the already squeezed working classes...

So how does all this insanity fit in with the whole Matrix/Subjective Reality approach?

There are several different ways that you can look at this unfolding problem, but it seems to me that if you take a view from the Big Picture, it seems as if everything and everything is being done to force more and more people into "waking up" from the version of reality we are being sold in the mainstream media

Essentially, we are offered 3 ways of coping with the continued stream of bad news that bombards us from every media outlet:

1) Avoidance

This approach includes a variety of responses, from turning off, unplugging from, or otherwise ignoring unpleasant reports and conversations about the current and future state of affairs. Another form of avoidance is to self-medicating to the point of numbness with alcohol (socially accepted) opiods (socially accepted when prescribed, not socially accepted when obtained from the street) and other drugs.  Another form of self- medication is with drama, which keeps you occupied and unavailable from considering the larger implications and trends.

This approach has the age old "ignorance is bliss" appeal, which exonerates you from participation in or responsibility for the problem.

2) Submission

This approach also comes in a variety of flavors, such as raging against the dying of the light on social media, but continuing to patronize those multi-national mega-corps that engineer and sponsor the social and political deterioration and enslavement of the masses. Or buying into one side of the "divide and rule" games offered by the Powers That Be, truly believing that the System will eventually self-regulate and that the "good guys" (whoever you may consider that to be) will eventually save the day, if given enough political support and donations.

The widespread appeal of this approach is that it give the illusion of being engaged and attempting to do something to help, thereby alleviating guilty consciences, while being pretty much totally ineffectual.  This is the path taken by the majority of people in some form or another.

3) Awakening

This approach entails the realization that the whole game is corrupt and unwinnable.  But rather than slipping into despair or avoidance, you seek a better, bigger game.

When life goes down the tubes, you can either allow yourself to wallow in helplessness and self-pity, or you can "pop" out of Consensus Reality altogether, and see the Big Picture. 

This is where Subjective Reality comes in.

From the Subjective Reality point of view, everything that happens in your life and in the world is a story unfolding specifically for you.  That does not mean that you cannot be concerned about the fortunes and welfare of others - even others who live on the other side of the planet who you've never met nor will likely ever meet.  Instead, the focus becomes upon your own responses to the conundrums presented to you.  Rather than feeling disempowered, overwhelming personal and global events become an invitation to experiment with your responses - kind of like a video game, in which you keep trying out new tactics, to see which one will clear the screen and unlock the next level.

Instead of becoming discouraged when the same problems keep resurfacing again and again, you can try new ideas and imagine different strategies than you have been using.  But in order to do this, you have to separate yourself from identifying with your self, kind of like how, in a game, your avatar is your representative and point of action, but is not the same thing AS you.  Your ego self is just your game piece.  This means you don't take yourself so seriously.

Many of us fail because we do not even try to succeed.  We are so afraid of failure or ridicule or taking a risk, we never even step outside the box.  But as long as you do that, you will never get more than you have now, emotionally or spiritually. 

We live in a risk-averse culture, where we are indoctrinated to be cogs in a machine. 

But what if the machine is not what we think it is?

What if the world is not what we are taught it is?

What if the whole she-bang is an elaborate set-up to get up to wake up?

When we avoid or submit, we are refusing to play the cosmic game, and instead become non-player characters (NPGs). 

It is possible to take a step back and begin to look at the world from the point of view of the Game Player, not the Avatar.  To begin to see the recurring patterns and cycles.  Once you do that, you learn that much of life is about timing - just like in computer games.  From the Subjective Reality point of view, you can see that playing it safe is not playing at all...

Which would you rather be: the avatar playing the game, for which the whole world came into being... or the NPG who is a pawn of the game, without awareness or will.

So let me know what you think in the comments below.  Would you rather see your life as a game to be figured out and won, or to see yourself as caught in a world not of your creation and making the best of it?  Or perhaps you see another possibility...

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