Review of John Anthony West's 'Magical Egypt'

In the field of Alternative History, you can't get any more hard-core than John Anthony West!

John Anthony West is the symbolist genius behind the geological research proving the Sphinx to be far older than the Egyptologists and academic historians would have us believe. It was he who was inspired to pursue and assemble the necessary experts to produce 'The Mystery of the Sphinx," a fully-researched documentary shown on NBC back in 1994, which won him an Emmy for Best Documentary. (Watch it below.)

John Anthony West comes at Egypt from a symbolist viewpoint - in other words, he does not assume that the ancient Egyptians would think the same way we denizens of the 21st century think. Instead, in some 4 decades of research, he has tried to understand the Egyptians-qua-Egyptians, without imposing post-modern deconstructionist theories or fitting it into pre-existing Judeo-Christian frameworks.

West refers to himself as a 'rogue Egyptologist,' who unrepentantly takes great pleasure in exposing the flaws and weaknesses in the arguments of the academicians, or as West refers to them, "Quackademicians."

"Magical Egypt" is an 8 DVD series, which follows West on one of his highly informative and jam-packed tours of Egypt. In the videos, West introduces us to what he considers the remnants of a 'real' civilization, as opposed to the 'shiny barbarism' we now call civilization. With meticulous research and rigorous explanation, West illustrates how much that Egyptologists dismiss as mistakes, folly or vanity, is actually an ancient code depicting deep metaphysical understanding and wisdom. He explores the many wonders of Egypt's monuments and temples, drawing on the understanding of R.A Schwaller-de-Lubicz and G.I. Gurdjieff. 

John Anthony West's grasp of the subject is both encyclopedic and all-encompassing. One of the things I admire the most about West is his willingness to admit the limits of his knowledge. Unlike the quackademics, John Anthony West freely admits when our post-modern culture fails to provide adequate explanations for how and why the ancients accomplished their amazing feats of art and architecture.

The content of the video series, "Magical Egypt," is equally impressive. Unfortunately, however, the production values are not. The quality of the videos shot on location in Egypt are often amateurish and the sound quality often sucks (would have helped to mic JAW). And in the later DVDs, the producer, Chance Gardner, over-produces the work, making it difficult to watch. Plus the droning music gets to be old after the first 3 or 4 discs.

"Magical Egypt" also includes interviews with other researchers, ranging from engineers to metaphysicians. Overall, I consider the content to be top-rate, but it would seem that the vision of this project exceeded the producers grasp. I heartily recommend the series for those who are serious about their research into ancient wisdom. I find West's curmudgeonly style both refreshing and entertaining, while his presentation is fascinating and mind-expanding. I just wish it was a bit easier to watch & listen to!



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