Who Put the Subject in
Subjective Reality?

One of the criticisms that often come up early in discussion of Subjective Reality is how can my limited individual human’s consciousness have created the whole diverse and intricate reality that I experience subjectively?  If my consciousness created everything, then how is it that things have the capacity to surprise me?  And what about when things go wrong?  Why would anyone create something like cancer, homelessness or sexual assault for themselves? 

Surely this disproves the possibility of a Self-created reality. No one in their right mind would willingly choose to put themselves through the hell of war or famine.  And if I created all this, then why is it so fucked up?

If I created this reality, so the argument goes, I sure would not have created this.  I would have created a peaceful, loving, healthy world that lives in harmony.  Since this is not the current state of the world, and my wishing has not made it so, I can only conclude that I do not have the power to create me reality.  Rather, it just happens to me, regardless of my desires. Therefore, Subjective Reality must just be another line of new agey, self-help bullshit.

At the surface level, these arguments would be true.  The everyday self that has a job, and has to brush their body’s teeth, and obey the law, is a powerless victim of circumstances.  But the every ego self is not the subject of Subjective Reality.

So, who is the Subject of Subjective Reality?

What I call the Inner Being is who is actually in charge. You can also call this “Higher Self,” “Expanded Consciousness,” “the Still, Small Voice of God Within…”  Names and labels don’t matter.  The experience of this vast Deep Self is of utmost concern.  We have all felt the presence of our Inner Beings – in moments of great trials, when we felt nonetheless protected and loved, or in flashes of blinding but momentary vision, when we See the Reality of our situation, with all of the dimensions and causes laid out.  This is who is the Creator, who fashions what we, the game avatars, experience, as we go through the linear Storyline of our lives.

I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and the nature of my existence through the study of fiction.  I would highly recommend anyone interested in the Subjective nature of reality to read up on the Hero’s Journey.  Old legends and myths all follow specific patterns.  All good stories contain the same elements.  Once I started to study what makes for a good story, I could not help but see how those principles also applied to my own life. 

But then, if we are all merely characters on the Holodeck, so to speak, then that means that the Story we are enacting has already been written.  Recent scientific research does support this view, suggesting that our reality is a 3D projection of a 2D recording medium.  If this theory holds true, then that means the Storyline arc is already set, but we experience it as happening in a linear progression, just as a movie on a dvd is already scripted, filmed, edited, etc., before we slip the disc into our player and hit the button.  In other words, the Storyline with all its plot twists, and the casting of actors to play the various characters, and the locations and sets built and appropriately decorated, is fully determined and cannot be changed by either a viewer nor any of the characters in the show.

This view has profound impact on the concepts of Free Will and the Law of Attraction.  Both Free Will and the Law of Attraction assume that the Ego self is the one in charge.  Subjective Reality refutes this, stating that the Higher Self (Inner Being) is the one pulling all the strings.

Now wait a minute, Dara… What about all that stuff you have up here on your site about the Law of Attraction?

Yeah.  That.

This has taken me a long time to realize all the implications of my own Visions and Revelations.  What I have recently come to realize is that for years I have conflated the boundaries of the Avatar ego self with my Inner Being.  While I knew that my ego self was not all-powerful, that my Higher Self was the one in charge, I was not consistent in my understanding.

If I am truly honest, I have to say that the Law of Attraction is actually only effective about 30 – 50% of the time. In other words, the Avatar ego self does not get to ride roughshod over the Storyline of experienced reality. 

But when I make an story analysis of my life, like I would for a book I was writing, then it is obvious that Someone has scripted this thing.  There are signs of the Author’s “fingerprints” all over the place: premonitions and foreshadowing of future events, last minute saves, impossible odds beaten, plot twists and subplots at exactly the right moment… All in the right place at the right time, the elements of both mythology and good storytelling. We’ve all experienced these as the fabric of our daily lives.

So, the bad news is that, try as we may, the Avatar self cannot change the nature or progression of the Game.  But the good news is that One Playing the Game, the Inner Being, is having a whale of a good time, enjoying the Avatar’s ups and downs, just like we do when enjoying a good novel or movie. Also, that means that the Avatar, as the Protagonist, will complete their Story Arc, regardless of how things might look at the moment.  The Avatar does not have the power to do otherwise.  In other words, you cannot fuck up your destiny.

YOU are the Protagonist of your Subjective Reality.  Your Inner Being has arranged and created all of the conditions of your life, whether you judge them to be positive or negative.  But as the center of your own reality, your experience is what is most important, just like a novelist has a desired emotional response they wish to invoke from their readers.  That Eternal Essence within you has never suffered or wanted for any material need, even though the Avatar may have faced extreme hardship of many different types. 

But the fact that you are reading this now proves that you are protected and loved.  You survived, didn’t you?  Not only that, but you have the material means and conscious development sufficient to seek out material like this. 


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