2016: An Occasion for
Hope or Despair?
(A Holographic Universe Storyline Analysis)

As we head into the bold new year ahead of us, we move into a time fraught with unprecedented dangers, as well as shining new opportunities. Those of us who like to think of ourselves as more-or-less awake are faced with some serious existential questions as to how to orientate to the emerging storyline unfolding before us.

It is obvious that huge changes abound. Our way of life has changed drastically in the last two decades, through technological advances as well as through the loss of privacy and freedoms once taken for granted. Seemingly settled social issues are now thrown open for debate by small but vocal minorities, sometimes appropriately so, such as in the case of police violence and public corruption. But other times disturbingly so, as in the case of the imposition of political correctness to stifle long overdue discussion of social injustice or the fight over women’s reproductive control.

We have heard the promises of the experts and politicians, as well as dire predictions of a looming collapse of both our habitat and our cultures. The steady diminishments of our civil rights and common weal are well documented, as the world seems poised to plunge into World War III, so I don’t need to recount them. Our government has been hijacked by corporate interests and commits atrocities around the globe daily in our name, with our tax dollars.

In other words, folks, the picture looks bleak for our protagonist species. The political and social context of our on-going story seems to be the Fall of the Empire – straight out of an epic sci-fi movie, like out of the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, but this time unfolding more like a Philip K. Dick story than J.J. Abrams’ regurgitated version. And with a much lower special effects budget...

It is hard for the main characters of our on-going drama (i.e.: you and I) to get a fix on what is "really" going on in the dizzying swirl of rapid global change. Is it the greed of the global financial elites that has brought us to this precipice, or perhaps the fiendish plots of the Illuminati or maybe even an unholy extra-dimensional cabal of ETs and their all-too-human dupes feeding off the negative emotions generated by their machinations.

Old alliances are falling apart, only to reveal they were riddled from the start with corruption unguessed by the common person. Our unfolding story takes place when those once considered fringe-element conspiracy theorists with whacked-out tin-foil ideas are proven correct. And trusted sources of eras’ past have proven to be corporatist shills, spouting distracting disinformation and spin at the bidding of their masters. The façade of culture is the same, but the meanings have shifted to reflect a considerable devaluing, mirroring the devaluing of our monetary and economic systems, as well as the devaluation of our spirits.

The unavoidable question becomes: what is a person of spirituality, compassion and intelligence to do in such times?

The story analysis approach of the Holographic Universe requires nothing less than the Spectacular to resolve the trajectory of this extreme story arc – to snatch a glorious but unlikely victory from the very jaws of sure defeat. Anything else would be a waste of plot complications and production resources. (If you are unfamiliar with the Holographic Universe hypothesis, check out my introductory video below.)

So here we go into the epic battle of our age…

The problem is that the story we are enacting seems to take place on two levels, but most players are focusing on the physical, external storyline part of the game – that is, doing those things necessary to keep oneself (and family) afloat in these shark-infested waters of diminishing expectations. The Holographic Universe hypothesis intimates that the storyline is the realm of effects, but never causes. In other words, exclusive focus on “fixing” the storyline plot complications results in the same outcome as a buck or two worth of “Whack-a-Mole” at Chucky Cheese’s.

This is because the true level of causation is beyond the storyline. True change in the storyline can only be effected outside of the Holodeck. In other words, trying to improve the world, no matter how well-intentioned and dedicated we are, will always fail as long as we approach the problem from inside the soap opera. We need to raise our awareness to the level of Holo-programmer and re-write the script to really effect lasting change.

as the good Doctor
would say.

Time to level up.

But we cannot level up by whacking at moles. There will always be more moles to whack than dollars to play that game. The way to win is to not be distracted by the escalating action of the storyline, no matter how many moles are a-poppin', and not to blow our wad playing pointless games with pyrrhic victories. If the Holographic Hypothesis is correct, then CONSCIOUSNESS is the true ground of playership, not mole whacking.

You can spend a lifetime playing “Whack-a-Mole” or “League of Legends,” but you will never transcend that storyline until you put down the mallet or game controller.

Spiritual teachers and gurus throughout the ages have told us that this game of human physical incarnation is really about our souls, our minds, our focus and intention, as mediated through our senses, emotions and bodies. Yoga, Kabbalah, Sufism and other mystic traditions teach years' worth of hard discipline to enable its practitioners to break through the wall of the holdeck, to see through the Matrix to the source code, if you will. But we live in a technologically enhanced era, where the secret teachings of all the ages have now been made public. In ages past, each individual had to work for years to gain the knowledge available at our fingertips on the internet. Access to what Gurdjieff called "Conscious Material" is no longer scarce or hard-won. The teachings are everywhere, if you have the eyes to see it.

In my understanding of the Holographic Universe hypothesis, the goal is to recognize that you are a holo-fractal of the designer of this whole grand mishagosh, thereby consciously accessing the creative powers of the holo-programmer to tweak the arc of the storyline and change the story arc from one of tragedy and suffering to one of redemption and transcendence.

If this is a true proposition (and it seems to my analysis to be well-supported by evidence both empirical and subjective), then NOW is the time to be using whatever means you have to raise your awareness of your connection to the holo- programmatic level of being in order to make the required epic shift that will save you, humanity and the planet from becoming like Huxley's

Brave New World

Don’t just think or talk about starting to meditate or upping your psycho-spiritual practice(s), actually do it.

If we truly do live inside a giant computer program, as more and more data seems to indicate, then increasing the power of our attention and strengthening our connection to our inner, higher selves are more important goals than ever. Indeed, this may be the one only truly important telos (goal/purpose) there is or have ever been, as the ancients have taught.

It is amazing how much just 5 minutes each morning spent in meditation can positively impact your experience of life. There are many good techniques, practices, trainings and gadgets out there to assist you in your process of awakening. Some I have already reviewed, such as Robert Schienfeld’s “Journey to the Infinite” and “Ultimate Key to Freedom” courses, or the Course in Miracles (which I am currently undertaking to do again for the 5th time in some two decades).

There are other resources, such as Heartmath’s EmWave or Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone to assist you to deepen your focus and practice of inner contact with your own inborn capacities to create reality. In the coming weeks, I will be posting reviews and reports on these and other devices and information to help you navigate your own way beyond the noise and distractions of consensus reality.

So as we surf the incoming tide of 2016, let us not forget the properly centered state of mind required for maintaining one’s balance whilst riding the waves of the storyline. Don’t lose your focus, or you’ll fall into the ocean of unconsciousness. So whether or not the storyline leads us to ultimate victory against overwhelming odds, or to the tragic cautionary tale of George Orwell’s 1984, it is up to each of us individually as players of this most elaborate and captivating of computer games, which we call “life” to determine which level we shall focus our efforts upon – fixing the “Whack-a-Mole” storyline game or to raise our awareness to the creative level.

Ultimately, there is ample cause for both despair and joy ahead, and as characters withing the unfolding narrative of human evolution, we can be sure we shall face both. The outcome of the storyline may already be set, the die cast as far as materialistic trajectories go. But anything is possible from the level of the holo-programmer. As a creation designed using the same holographic matrix, your deepest being already contains the seeds to transcendence... but they will only blossom if you cultivate them. Willingness is everything.

Take a look inside your mind
and see what you will find…
You might just save the world!

Video from my 2015 Parliament of World Religions presentation

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