July 13, 2014


OK. So I am behind.

I am behind in my blogging. Behind in my laundry. Behind in my writing (Herald of the Dawn, Book 2 of the GrailChase Chronicles  should have been out over 2 months ago – sorry!).

But what’s really bugging me most of all is that I am behind in my reading. I have always loved reading, but these days, I find it all but impossible to completely finish a book. I used to consume at least 2 a week.

But you know, I haven’t really quit reading… I’m just not reading books. I spend hours each day, grading papers, cruising or researching on the internet, endlessly editing Book 2…

After all that, I don’t have the time or energy left to read for pleasure. So I have not stopped reading. What I have done is shifted the content and format of what I read.

It seems like I am always running out of time. Like time keeps speeding up each time I start to get into some kind of rhythm.

But then, from the subjective perspective, linear time is an illusion. In my deepest experiences, all time exists at once. Time’s nature is not truly progressive cause and effect. That’s just the way we experience it.

Television makes a good analogy here.

Many before me have posited that the brain is more like a TV set that receives the signal of consciousness, than the brain actually being an organ that generates consciousness.  So the signal of consciousness is not determined by the type or capacity of the receiving apparatus.

If the TV is broken, Channel 5 is still broadcasting. It's programming continues uninterrupted.  So it is with consciousness – even if the brain is dead or damaged, the signal of consciousness is still being broadcast, unimpaired.

Likewise, even though your TV set might be a dinky little black & white cathode ray job, that doesn’t mean Netflix is not available out there in widescreen HD. You just can’t tune into it because you lack the proper equipment.

The same is true with our perception of time. Just because we are limited to our four-dimensional reality-hologram perception of linear time, that doesn’t mean that the true nature of time is only the cross-section that we can perceive. I am sure both Einstein & Terence McKenna would agree.

I have seen this for myself - experienced it firsthand. It's not just something I read in a book somewhere. And yet, I still forget it far more than I like. As Gurdjieff says, the trick is in remembering your true self.

Ergo, my perception of being behind is an illusion, for there is no true ahead or behind, since all things exist simultaneously.  Book 2, therefore, will be done when it is so ordained, in the proper day and moment, beyond this puny, linear fantasy of cause and effect.


I feel much better now.

How 'bout you?

And here's a picture of my cat!

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