Steampunk Music

I love multidimensional music that is heavily orchestrated, has catchy riffs and ponderous lyrics. Songs are stories set to music, after all. The wedding of poetry and cyclic vibration - one of the best features of the virtual reality we call post-modern twentieth century Western culture.

Steampunk music especially fits the bill, combining kick-ass tunes, outstanding musical artistry, skill and creativity with insightful social commentary and a delightful sense of fun. Here are some of my favorites.

I will update this page as I discover worthy candidates.

"Cazonet" by Darwin Prophet & the Chronos Mirror

I love this song.  The lyrics are by Oscar Wilde, music by the incomparable Darwin Prophet. If you like this live version, I strongly urge you to check out her studio version, which is, IMHO, impeccible. Unfortunately, there is no video available for it... yet.  I keep threatening to make a fan video of my own & post it. Inspired by Kate Bush, this playful love song infected me and turned me into one of Darwin's biggest fans.

I highly recommend Darwin's album, Oscar Wilde's Seranade.  The lyrics of all songs are poems by Wilde, set to music by the talented Darwin. The album offers both electronic and acoustic versions. I love to listen to this while writing or highway driving.

"Dear Isabella" by the Marquis of Vaudeville

Start with a stark but catchy guitar riff and drum.  Add a grooving bass, then driving, passionate lyrics calling all slumbering people to awaken and reclaim their humanity. Oh yeah.  This is the stuff.  I'm listening to it right now as I type. Triumphant and rousing, an anthem for all who are seeking to throw off the shackles of a dying paradigm.

This video is particularly poignant, as the song was written about a magnificent group of fierce steampunk artists based out of New Orleans, who call themselves Airship Isabella.  This video is the first time the band played the song in New Orleans.

"Utopian Playland" by the Marquis of Vaudeville

Throbbing with the zeitgeist, this is the perfect soundtrack for those who wished they could run away with the circus.

The Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts

"Don't Panic" by Darwin Prophet and the Chronos Mirror

A fun homage to Gene Roddenberry and Douglas Adams, with a few cameo features from Dr. Who, sprinkled liberally with steampunk flavor crystals.  This comes from Darwin's album, Don't Panic, which is frothing over with steampunky holograph-dissolving observations set to rockin' tunes. 

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